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wMobile User Guide

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wMobile User Guide Version: 5.1

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wMobile™ is an application that is installed on one of your organization's servers to provide remote access to GoldMine™. wMobile provides this functionality through any mobile phone device with an internet connection and an internet browser application. Examples of such devices are any  iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone or tablet, or Windows Mobile® devices.


wMobile uses the internet browser application of the device to navigate to your organization's wMobile server so that you can work with your organization's GoldMine CRM information.


To get started with wMobile you will need to add a web site link to your device's internet browser. Your organization will have a unique web address (URL) for your wMobile server. A typical address would be or Please contact your wMobile administrator to obtain the web address you will need to use.



Overview of Features

Contact Management

wMobile provides your users with secure access to all contact information stored in GoldMine. It is quick and easy to find, edit and add contacts and related information.


Phone and Email Integration

wMobile interacts with your device allowing you to quickly phone and email contacts using the capabilities of the device. A complete email center allows all email to be linked to GoldMine CRM.


Sales Forecast Management

wMobile allows you to easily review, update and add sales forecasts for any contact and for any time period.


Activity Management

wMobile allows you to quickly review, update, add and complete activities with immediate update of your GoldMine database. You can schedule and review activities for other GoldMine team members.


Dashboard Reporting

Quickly review key statistics from the GoldMine system. A dashboard displays information such as the number of completed and pending activities. For history, new contacts added to the database are shown. You can quickly jump to underlying detail information.


Easy Configuration

wMobile automatically inherits configuration from your GoldMine system. A designer application is included to allow additional changes to the wMobile user interface.



wMobile supports all GoldMine security concepts as well as standard internet security protocols such as SSL data encryption, Firewall DMZ installation and BlackBerry Enterprise server integration. Data resides on the server and never on the device itself.


Real Time Data

Information updated on a wMobile device is immediately applied to your GoldMine system without the need for data replication.


Cross Platform Support

wMobile supports all phone devices such as BlackBerry® , Palm Treo®, Windows Mobile® and iPhone®. wMobile supports all worldwide mobile phone carriers and systems with internet data service.


Ease of Administration

The wMobile server is installed in less than an hour and users are deployed in minutes.