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wDocs User Guide

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Introducing wDocs for Sugar

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Features and Benefits


A common need among Sugar users is the ability to create letters, contracts, proposals, mailing labels and forms.


Meet wDocs, a tool to quickly create Microsoft Word templates that can be used to merge information from any module in Sugar into a presentation-quality documents.


Sample documents that can be created with wDocs include:

Account Profiles

Casework orders


Mailing labels



Create polished Microsoft Word documents Natively from Sugar

Easily and automatically generate documents your users need from Sugar. Examples of files can include (but are not limited to) letter templates, NDA agreements, letter quote, Statement of Work, Account Visit Planning Report and more.


Merge Information from any Combination of Modules

The document automation module can merge any module related data from Sugar into a predefined Word template. For instance, from the Accounts module, quickly generate a contract or letter template.


Merge Multiple Records from Related Tables

Create documents with merges of data from one-many relationships. For instance, when merging a document from the Account module, include information from the related contacts or meetings modules for the account.


Mass Record Merge from Module List Views

From Sugar list views, select multiple records to create multiple merge documents. When in the Accounts list view, select multiple accounts and generate a merge of address labels or letter templates for those accounts.


Merge to Your Local Computer as a Sugar Linked Document

Keep all documents within your Sugar instance as a linked document instead of downloading to your local computer. The file then will be accessible by anyone within Sugar. wDocs will merge and directly attach the merged document as a linked document in Sugar.


Merge Using Microsoft Word Template and Auto Convert to PDF

Once your Microsoft Word Template is uploaded, you can choose between downloading the final merged file as either an MS Word or PDF document. Design your templates in Word but output directly to PDF formatting.


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