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Sugar Connector to DocuSign Guide

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Introducing DocuSign for SugarCRM

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Features and Benefits


Increase productivity

Sending a document for electronic signature is simple using DocuSign for Sugar 7. Just drag and drop the DocuSign dashlet on any object, including custom objects, and click the “Send with DocuSign” button. The DocuSign dashlet is included by default on the Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, and Quote objects. Then, use the familiar DocuSign interface to specify recipients, define signing workflow, edit tags, and send the envelope from Sugar 7. View real-time updates on the status of DocuSign envelopes, and view signed documents automatically attached back to the originating record in Sugar 7.


Increase revenue

Designed for sales, there’s nothing new to learn with DocuSign. Documents are auto-routed to the right people, with reminders and expiration times. Decision makers can review & approve a contract within minutes. Signed agreements are legally binding & backed by a court-admissible audit trail DocuSign warrants compliance with the December 1999 Federal ESIGN Act, which established a Community framework for the use of electronic signatures on electronic contracts in the United States. DocuSign’s advanced signature is ready and legal to accelerate the speed of business.


Gain more control and visibility into the process

DocuSign provides an audit trail of edits, and notifies every signer when a contract is changed. This helps streamline a negotiation, reduce errors, shorten the sales cycle and lower cost. With DocuSign, you see in real-time who has received, reviewed and signed a contract.


Take advantage of customization opportunities

DocuSign is a platform designed and built for flexibility. DocuSign can be easily configured or customized to integrate with nearly any business process. DocuSign ships a complete set of APIs along with documentation and a world class SDK to make extending any workflow a breeze.


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